Larry Plano

PLANO Has Always Been About Family

By means of his employment with his father and uncle in 1952, Larry Plano started creating catering trucks. When Larry’s fourth kid was born in 1962, ten years later, he had to find a better method to provide for his expanding family. Young and full of ambition, wisdom, and experience, Larry made the decision to launch his own company and begin producing PLANO catering truck bodywork.

In the following 46 years, Larry Plano rose to prominence as one of the leading designers and developers in the catering truck sector. Not only was he able to pioneer many of the designs still in use today, but he was also able to design his products so that any of his clients could easily do the majority of the repairs that were required for their units on their own. He always aimed for the best items on the market while yet making them simple and easy for anyone to work on.

In 2009, Larry Plano passed suddenly after a late discovery and short struggle with cancer, passing the company to his daughter, Diana, who worked with the company since she was a little kid. For over 35 years, Larry and Diana had worked side by side with each other working and expanding the company.

PLANO Manufacturing, Inc. appreciates our continuous success to our customers, suppliers, and friends that have helped us thrive for so many years.

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